Business Coaching

Wellink is an organization with knowledge of machine maintenance and has set itself the target to reduce the user cost of equipment.

Maintenance cost reduction, one can reach in particular bij applying Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) machine maintenance strategy. CBM means the conversion of (expensive) periodic maintenance to efficient maintenance on the basis of the “analyzed necessity ‘.In other words, machine maintenance not strictly based on twisted hours, but on measured use (wear/pollution) of, for example lubricant, hydraulic oil and filters (air/oil/fuel).

The advantages for machine owners are:

  • less downtime, more “uptime” (selling hours) machines
  • affect the maintenance cost with the aim of cost reduction up to 70%!
  • longer service life of machine components
  • less material consumption so a contribution to the environment
  • building machine history, for use in warranty issues with the supplier/manufacturer and strong contribution to selling machines
  • efficient use of driver, not wasting malfunctions
  • overview of possession- and operating costs, have access to real production cost and capabilities of the machine