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Wellink is building its reputations as full-liner of track-, rubber-, wetland-, low impact equipment machines. A lot of machines with the same purpose, namely to be able to work under almost all weather circumstances in wet areas with a low capacity without causing significant damage to the soil.

Our customer chain performs its work activities in a work area that is spread from forest to swamp, along the railway, ditches, rivers and protected nature resorts. The machines that we select for this are developed and built by leading manufacturers and are used under the most extreme circumstances both nationally as internationally. Think of machines with a ground pressure from 30 gr/cm2 (an average person has a ground pressure of approximately 300 gr/cm2). In addition, we also supply various attachments that are required for your special work activities.

Wellink also provides customized work. For specific requirements and applications, we have or will search for the solution for you. If we do not have this, we will develop it ourselves. For this we have a network of specialists in the field of electronics/control, hydraulics and engineering. We like to give you advice and look forward to you questions.

Team Wellink