Hunter Equipment

Hunter Equipment provides customization.

We have or find a solution for specific needs and applications. If it is not there, we develop it ourselves. For this we have a network of specialists in the field of electronics / control, hydraulics and engineering.
The demand for self-developed customization is increasing, more extensive and more specialized. It became its own specialism within Wellink, so in mid-2018 it was decided to create its own name for this, its own brand; HUNTER EQUIPMENT.


A selection from the innovative products of Hunter Equipment.

Hunter FellFlex

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Hunter TrackFlex S

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Hunter SkyFlex 4.0

Developed on the basis of more than 10 years of experience:

✓ 360 rotations 360 ° rotation, 180 ° tilting, 40.000Nm load and manipulate.

✓ Fully controlled positioning and holding of load.✓ Flexible, fast and safe work in hard-to-reach locations.

✓ Service friendly, remotely readable and adjustable.

✓ Various basic machines possible, suitable for different hydraulic systems.

✓ Proven components from reputable brands.

✓ Equipped with, among other things, CE.

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